With drum kit, electronics and a myriad of other instruments, using experience, skill and keen musical sense, let's make up the perfect rhythmic accompaniment for your music.  


Let me know what you want and I will produce it for you. We can create it together or just leave it up to me.


I have recorded and toured professionally, playing a wide range of musical styles including traditional rock & roll, punk, progressive rock and jazz, experimental music, and European, African, and North American folk. I've also accompanied contemporary dancers both in performances and classes.


A few of the artists and bands I've toured with or recorded with include:

  • Geoff Berner
    • Canadiana Grotesquica (2017, COAX/9pm Records)
    • We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians (2015, Oriente Musik/COAX)
    • Victory Party (2011, Mint Records)
    • Klezmer Mongrels (2009, Jericho Beach Music)
    • The Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride (2007, Jericho Beach Music)
    • Whiskey Rabbi (2005, Black Hen)
    • Live in Oslo (2004, Black Hen)
    • We Shall Not Flag or Fail We Shall Go On To The End (2002, Black Hen)
  • Gilles Zolty
    • ​Gilles Zolty (Self Titled)
    • Horny Astronaut 
  • Zolty Cracker
    • ​Flush
    • Go Please Stay
    • Zolty Cracker (Self Titled)
  • Joanna Chapman-Smith
    • Contraries
    • 30 Toes (Live music for contemporary dance performances)
  • Anselmo
    • Mercury Rising
  • Beth Southwell
    • Beth Southwell (Self Titled)
  • John Guliak
  • Amy Honey
  • The Fat Americans
    • Food, Folks, and Fun
  • Sick Sick Yeah
    • Nearest Hits & Greatest Misses




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